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Restaurant Consulting
  • Wine Program development/redevelopment

  • Wine by the glass program creation

  • Cost Control and Sales Improvement

  • Food and Wine Pairings – What’s Best for your Cuisine   

  • Staff Training

  • Wine Dinners and Events

  • Banquet coordination

  • Sommelier Services



Nadia works with restaurateurs to create and maintain a well structured and unique wine program that is profitable and complements the restaurant's cuisine.


For New Restaurants:  Nadia will work with your management team and wine distribution companies to create a wine program from scratch. Nadia also offers long-term consulting to keep your beverage program exciting and up to date. Staff training is available to help your staff provide customers with a great service experience while conveying your restaurant's concept and maximizing profits.


For Existing Restaurants: Nadia will analyze your current beverage program and look for areas of improvement and unutilized profit potential.  Nadia will recommend changes that are most appropriate for your restaurant concept and which would maximize profitability. Nadia will also evaluate your service and will make recommandations or provide training when needed and requested.




Please contact us for more information or for initial consultation! 


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