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 I Can Too - Foundation In Support Of Children with Special Needs


I Can Too’s mission is to make life easier for children with special needs.

Our programs expand and improve the quality of life for them and their families, as well as the establishment and support of diagnosis and treatment centers. 

We raise awareness by utilizing initiatives and cultural events all year long.


History and results:

I Can Too Foundation was established in 2006 as a private initiative by Nelly Radeva, a true believer that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The Foundation exists entirely on a charity basis.  Its activities are supported by donations from all areas of business and entertainment, private entities and individuals, and by the non-monetary partnership and support of the government.

In 2008, I Can Too opened the first Rehab Medical Center for disabled children in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Center was established in only five months with the participation of a number of companies and many individual supporters. Currently the center provides rehabilitation services for over 370 children per month.

Over the past five years many Bulgarian and international celebrities have become Ambassadors of I Can Too and have been popularizing its mission worldwide.


Current Projects:

I Can Too’s efforts today are focused on establishing Centers for Autistic Children in various cities in Bulgaria, where spaces have been generously provided by state establishments. The children with autism in Bulgaria count to over 16,000, however, most likely the numbers are much higher.

Currently, for the necessary renovation of the space in the city of Plovdiv, I Can Too needs to raise $130,000.


Take Action:

I Can Too invites everyone to join by supporting the programs and popularizing the mission worldwide.

We believe that everyone CAN help…create a better world!

You CAN Too!




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